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TheraBall History

The TheraBall was created by The Ohio State University’s first Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) Class, in 2007, as a fundraiser for the Foundation for Physical Therapy. Every year, students from DPT programs across the country compete in the foundation's Marquette Challenge, to see which program can raise the most money in support of the foundation's research initiatives. Here at Ohio State, we hold the annual TheraBall to participate in this challenge.

Since TheraBall’s inception, we have raised over $20,000 for the foundation’s research efforts in physical therapy. Ohio State has received “Honorable Mention” distinction the past few years, for our level of giving, and the TheraBall has also been named “Most Creative Fundraiser.”

Our attendance and level of giving has steadily increased over the years. In 2017, we changed event format and our audience expanded, courtesy of a larger population of alumni, PTs and PTAs in central Ohio. Our goal is to see the TheraBall grow into a major event that puts Ohio State at or near the top of the list among schools in the national competition.


About the Foundation

Our sole purpose is to fund physical therapy research through grants, scholarships and fellowships. Through these investments, researchers go on to yield exceptional research that helps us to learn more about the efficacy of physical therapy practices, pioneer breakthrough treatments, and build the evidence-base to define the value of physical therapy among payers, health care professions, and patients.

Marquette Challenge

The Marquette Challenge is a grassroots, student-led fundraising effort to advance the mission of the Foundation for Physical Therapy. Each year, hundreds of physical therapist (PT) and physical therapist assistant (PTA) students, with the support of their program directors and community, hold fundraising events across the U.S.

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